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Ever wanted to learn how to dance?

My passion for dance has pushed me to pursue some amazing opportunities.  I started Scottish Country Dancing at the age of 15, and continued with it for about 5 years. With lots of hard work and practice, studying this style of dance has allowed me to earn two highest level medals, and travel to Scotland twice on scholarships to take their most advanced classes as well as perform. 

Within those 5 years of practice, I also found a new style of dance I grew passionate about, Popping and Animation! I became so obsessed with this way of movement after watching some exceptional dancers on YouTube. Practicing and growing in this style of dance has allowed me to take many master classes from famous dancers such as Marquese Scott (aka Nonstop), Femme Fatale, Spider Salah, Boogie Frantick and many more. I've participated in dance battles, voted to perform at 2019 Blumenthal's Best of Open Mic Night and hired to perform at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. 

Now, I wish to pass on what I know from all this experience to you. My private classes will allow a safe environment for one to learn all the basics of popping and animation, without any outside distractions from fellow classmates. We'll be going over exercises and choreo which will help work on muscle memory, muscle control, balance and musicality. So what are you waiting for? Contact me about private classes today and let's get dancing!

What is popping and animation?

Well, if you've ever seen those videos on YouTube which get millions of views featuring someone dancing like a robot with moves that seem almost unreal, then you've seen popping and animation at its finest, popping being those moves which appear as a sudden (yet subtle) burst of energy and the animation being all those trippy robot moves in between. 

Class Details:

~I am available to travel within the Charlotte and Lake Norman area to teach.

~I am available to teach classes in Cornelius, if you don't have your own location.

~Pricing depends on number of students and location.

~Performance opportunities are available.

*Each student must have a completed registration form and signed waiver to participate in the classes. 

Contact me to set up your classes today!

In case you are curious about what exactly I will be teaching, please check out the links to these YouTube videos, for both Fundamentals and Advanced Technique Classes, as well as some of my own Freestyle videos.


(Here's just a few, you can go to my YouTube Channel to see more...)