My Bio 'n Performance Videos

My passion for dance has pushed me to pursue some amazing opportunities.

I started Scottish Country Dancing at the age of 15, and continued with it for about 5 years. Studying this style of dance, with lots of hard work and practice, allowed me to earn two highest level medals, travel to Scotland twice on scholarships to take their most advanced classes, chosen to perform in the RSCDS instructional dance videos, and perform in shows as well as events. Within those 5 years of practice, I also found a new style of dance I grew passionate about, Popping and Animation! 

I became obsessed with this way of movement and illusion after watching some exceptional dancers on YouTube. Practicing and growing in this style has allowed me to travel and take master classes from some extraordinary dancers such as Marquese Scott (aka Nonstop), Boogie Frantick, Femme Fatal, Julius Chisolm (iGlide), Spider Salah and many more. (I also teach my own dance classes.) I've participated in dance battles, performed at several of Blumenthal's Open Mic Nights including their 2019 Best Of Open Mic, and have been hired to perform at the McColl Center For Art + Innovation.

Whether I'm teaching or performing, the power of dance moves people's emotions. The idea that illusion and motion can push anyone to laugh, cry or even just smile, makes me want to pursue this passion even further.

So if you'd like to develop your own passion for dance and movement, contact me about Private, Group or Co-op classes and let's get moving!

If you'd like to help expand my list of performances and leave a lasting impression on your audience, contact me to book me at your next public or vendor event.

To see what style of dance I do, please check out these videos:

McColl Center Performance: Just Us

McColl Center Performance: Happier

McColl Center Performance:2 Perform

Blumenthal Performance: Shatter Me

McColl Center Performance:Stressed Out

McColl Center Performance:Eastside

Blumenthal Performance: Lose It

McColl Center Performance:Whitelines

You can see more at my YouTube Channel!

Here's some of Freestyle videos...

You can see more at my YouTube Channel!